[Updated] Prepare for 2015 Morocco Ramadan DST Change

KB 3062740 and KB 3062741 were released last month to address this year's Ramadan DST change in Morocco. However, on Monday, 6/8 Morocco government officially announced this year's Ramadan period, which is different from the dates that KB 3062740 and KB 3062741 are based on. Unfortunately there is not enough time for Windows to update these KBs before Ramadan actually starts.

Users can still choose to install KB 3062740 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3062740) to correct current time for "Morocco Standard Time" time zone - "(UTC) Casablanca". However, please keep in mind that after applying this KB, the "Morocco Standard Time" time zone will still have a one day difference between 2015's correct Ramadan start date (6/14/2015, 3AM) and the recorded one in KB 3062740 (6/13/2015, 3AM).

KB 3062741 will be updated by the end of this week to reflect the new Ramadan end date. For the same reason that Ramadan has already started, users may also install KB 3062741 without first installing KB 3062740 to correct the current time for "Morocco Standard Time" time zone being in Ramadan.