BLOGS! BLOOOOGS! Get your BLOGS here!!

There are a lot of BLOGs at Microsoft. Just finding them all can be a challenge, let alone filtering them down to a nice list from which to pick your favorites and those most relevant to you. BlogMS attempts to help you in that.

Described as a directory featuring “242 blogs and essential resources in one place”, BlogMS maintains an organized list of many Microsoft BLOGs, a link to a list of ALL Microsoft BLOGs, and also provides weekly and monthly BLOG summaries….

“A summary will be published weekly (each Monday) and monthly providing you a single article with a listing of all the latest announcements. You can then browse through this article saving you valuable time and effort. When you identify articles of interest you will be able to click on the article link, and it will take you directly to the blog.”

Check it out:

- Trev