Duplicate Entries in Hyper-V Manager Driving Me Batty!

I have a headless Windows Server 2008 machine that I use only for Hyper-V. This server hosts 19 TFS installs of mine now, and I manage my VPCs from my Vista Ultimate desktop using the Hyper-V Manager MMC for Windows Vista SP1 (available here: x86 and x64). It’s a very cool tool and works really well (once I got the WMI stuff figured out, that is).

The only issue I’ve had with it was that I was getting duplicate entries in my server tree pane on the left-hand side. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why this was happening! I’d remove the duplicates, but they’d just reappear when I restarted the MMC! ARGH!

Finally found that I was actually running multiple windows inside the Hyper-V Manager MMC. At some point I had right-clicked servers in my tree and selected “New Window From Here”, which gave me just that – a new window. Since I had maximized my first window in the Hyper-V Manager MMC though, I didn’t notice this fact.

So, if you are seeing duplicate entries in your Hyper-V Manager MMC like me, and it’s making you crazy <g>, select Window>Cascade from the MMC menu and see if you have multiple windows open. If you do, close all but one, remove the duplicates from that one’s tree, max it (if you like) and restart the MMC. That should take care of it.

On the next PITB. :-)

Hope this Helps!
Trevor Hancock

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