Come and work with the F# group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge!


Come and work with the F# group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge!

Microsoft Research in Cambridge has open positions for very high quality applicants with advanced computer science skills (normally recent PhD-level graduates or highly relevant industry experience), and internships for current PhD candidates or other talented masters students.

I would like to encourage potential candidates interested in any topic related to

  • F# itself, as a language and tool set
  • Topics on the boundary of F# and its applications (for example, GPGPU programming with F#, variaitons on Hadoop programming with F# or other parallel/advanced programming)
  • Variations on "Information rich programming" with F# and massively rich information sources, including other variations on meta-programming and compiler extensibility

A particular growing interest area for pulling advanced F# experimental work together is in the field of web-delivered, data-rich cloud programming. Think of taking some of the world's greatest applied programming language work, delivering it to high quality in educative web-delivered learning environments, combine it with innovative techniques for strong typing and information-rich programming, combine with the wealth of rich information sources that make the modern web, integrate with modern backend execution environments, strategies, machine-learning tools and products, both homogeneous and heterogeneous, and deliver it into the hands of real users. And that's just a starting point.

Often postdoc and intern positions at MSR have a 100% theory/research/publication focus. However, in this case we are explicitly interested in candidates who would like to pursue a combined practice & research agenda, looking for a virtuous feedback cycle between the two. In this situation, the joy of making things, playing with real software and delivering it to thousands users is valued as much as writing a paper. Candidates might also see this position as a transition step to a research position, a startup, a lead product development role, or to an academic role where hands-on practice is highly valued.

If you are completing your PhD, or have recently completed, and would like to consider working in this kind of field at MSR Cambridge, then please feel free to apply directly to me (dsyme AT, or apply directly for a postdoc position or an internship.