Extended Submission Deadline for DDFP 2013: Now October 15

DDFP has a new submission deadline: October 15

Since this is the first time this workshop is running, the organizers are only asking for 4-page position-or-technical papers.

So if you have something to say about (functional or object-oriented) programming plus data. this is your big chance to say it :-)

DDFP is a new workshop being added to the POPL program at POPL 2013. This workshop is aimed at anyone who loves the application of functional programming (and indeed other programming paradigms as well) to data-rich domains. Please consider submitting to the workshop. Whatever your flavour of data, whatever your flavour of functional programming. The organizers want this to be a great event that opens up opportunities at the intersection of data and programming.

See also http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dsyme/archive/2012/10/08/reminder-submission-deadline-for-quot-data-driven-functional-programming-2013-quot.aspx