F# London Meetup Thursday Night: Zach Bray "F# to Javascript, the FunScript way"

Thursday night (31 Jan) at the F#unctional Londoners Meetup we have Zach Bray telling us all about FunScript, aka "F# to Javascript, the FunScript way!"

This includes a cool integration of TypeScript metadata into F#-JavaScript programming using an F# type provider for TypeScript. Another way to look at that is that all those TypeScript programmers are now producing typed components for use from F# too :-)  All your types belong to us. Thanks guys!!

FunScript lets you connect to Web APIs like Freebase and the World Bank with Type Providers and visualize data using typed JavaScript libraries via a TypeScript Type Provider. Zach Bray creator of FunScript will take us through this open source project.

Please also register at the Skills Matter site so they can print you a name badge :)