MSDAIPP.DLL version 8.103.5219.0 order problem

I've been experiencing a strange problem today when I was using the MSADIPP.DLL (Microsoft Internet Publishing Provider) to query an Exchange public folder by using ADO. What I did was I was querying for the urn:schemas:httpmail:date field and ordering the results by this field. My query looks like this:

SELECT "urn:schemas:httpmail:date" FROM SCOPE('SHALLOW TRAVERSAL OF "http://blablabla"') WHERE "DAV:isfolder" = False and "DAV:ishidden" = False ORDER BY "urn:schemas:httpmail:date" DESC

... and I found that the first row returned (which should be the newest item in the folder) was a very old item and from a different folder (not even in the search scope below). So, I decided to update my DLL - regsrv32 /u then regsvr32 -ed a newer version and the problem gone away. Actually, I got a working version (11.0.5510.0) from a SharePoint 2003 installer CD, from the Support\ClientFlat\Files\PFiles\Common\System\OleDB folder, copied it over to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB and registered it. Happy days! :)