Best Practice Policies for Policy-Based Management

Policy-Based Management (PBM) was introduced with SQL Server 2008 – it’s a declarative system for ensuring the system configuration hasn’t drifted from the original configuration intent.  You can read more about Policy-Based Management in SQL Server Books Online, here.

To help people get started with PBM and to promote best practices we provide a set of policies that are installed with the product. On an x64 machine you can find them in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Policies. Here you’ll find policies for Analysis Services, the Database Engine, and Reporting Services. The policies for Analysis Services and Reporting Services focus on surface area configuration, the policies for the Database Engine include a more comprehensive set of policies.

The Database Engine policies can be executed in ad hoc fashion or they can be imported into the Database Engine instance and configured for automation. You can learn more about the Best Practice policies in SQL Server Books Online, here.

Regardless if you are new to PBM or a seasoned veteran you can leverage the best practice policies as is or as a starting point for your custom policies.