Duet 1.5 taskpane doesn’t show up in Excel with Demand Planning

In some instances, opening a template in Excel with the Duet 1.5 Demand Planning scenario installed, the Duet taskpane is not displayed.

Examples of behavior that you might see:

- Opening Excel and doing a File | Open to the Demand Planning template reproduces the problem, meaning that the Duet taskpane is not displayed in Excel.

- Double clicking the Demand Planning template from the file system, launches Excel and correctly displays the Excel sheet along with the Duet taskpane.  This is the expected way that you should be working with templates.  Excel will create a new workbook instance using the template.  The new document will be opened with all Duet functionality enabled.

The reason for this behavior is that with the Demand Planning scenario in Duet 1.5, when a Template is opened in “Edit” mode (scenario # 1 above), the Duet functionality is disabled by default.  This is by design and implemented to make sure that users are not able to modify an existing Excel template when the Duet client is installed on the client machine.  We want users to be working with BoundItems and items created from Excel templates, not the templates themselves.