Memory issues with Enterprise Vault Outlook add-in and Duet


We have had several issues where users were seeing large memory usage with Duet and Enterprise Vault on a client, some users were receiving error messages indicating "Not enough memory available".  Looking at the Outlook process  showed that Outlook was consuming 1.5 gigs of memory.  Only after killing Outlook.exe and restarting Outlook was the user able to continue to work, although in some instances the problem would reappear shortly after a restart.  The high memory footprint was caused by having Outlook launched with the -embedding switch (i.e. Outlook was launched pragmatically) in parallel with the Enterprise Vault Outlook add-in being used.

To find the root cause of this issue, we used Windbg to analyze hang dumps taken of the Outlook process to find the cause of the excess memory usage.

We found that the Enterprise Vault add-in component that was loaded in Outlook was causing the excessive memory usage.  The specific component responsible was the Valkyrie.dll which is the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in dll.

For more information on finding memory leaks in the Windows Debugger can be found here:


This is a known issue with the Enterprise Vault Outlook add-in and Symantec already has a hotfix that is available to address the large memory consumption issue.  Below is the link to the new Enterprise Vault Client hotfix installation, any previous installed versions of the client must be uninstalled and then this MSI to be installed from fresh.

This fix can be applied to local machines and Citrix servers, and also fixes several other critical issues.