The order of Duet buttons on Outlook items may change after applying updates

If you have multiple Duet scenarios installed that each add buttons to the same item in Outlook, the order in which the Duet buttons appear on the Outlook items may change after installing Duet updates. For example, both the Time Reporting (TIMA) and Leave Management (LEMA) scenarios add buttons to Appointment items in Outlook and you may be accustomed to seeing the TIMA buttons appear first on Outlook Appointments.  After installing updates for Duet the LEMA buttons may now appear before the TIMA buttons.

The issue here is that Duet does not have a defined order when adding the buttons for different scenarios to the Outlook command bars. The result is that the order in which the buttons appear is currently based on the order in which the Duet updates (.SCA files) are installed on the server. If you require the buttons to appear in a specific order then you must apply the .SCA files on the server in that order. If you have already installed the .SCA files you can remove and redeploy a specific .SCA file to have it loaded last and therefore make its buttons appear last on the Outlook toolbar.