Dynamics AX 2012 new benchmark papers

Ere wie ere toekomt. de mensen van het perfomance team hebben net de volgende papers gepost op partnersource


  • Enterprise Portal benchmark
    In January 2012, Microsoft conducted a benchmark of Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to measure its performance and scalability characteristics. The benchmark runs a variety of functional scenarios that use Enterprise Portal, thereby providing a view of ERP workload performance on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This benchmark includes creating timesheets, and entering expenses and purchase requisitions. The benchmark architecture consisted of two load-balanced Application Object Server (AOS) instances that served web users from ten Enterprise Portal servers, and three workflow servers to process approvals. The benchmark simulated 10,000 concurrent users divided among three roles.

The benchmark demonstrated a sustained rate of more than 741,587 lines per hour for these concurrent scenarios. With this concurrent workload, a 48-core, 256-gigabyte (GB) database server sustained 55-percent CPU utilization; two 12-core, 16-GB AOS servers sustained 57-percent CPU utilization; ten 8–12 core, 16-GB Enterprise Portal servers sustained 47-percent to 85-percent CPU utilization; and an 8-core, 16-GB Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric cache server sustained 7-percent CPU utilization and 73-percent memory utilization.

The benchmark results demonstrate the ability of Enterprise Portal to handle various loads concurrently, without compromising performance and scalability for critical business processes.

  • Hyper-V benchmark
    In December 2011, Microsoft conducted a benchmark to measure the performance and scalability characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 on physical servers, Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V virtual servers, and a mixture of physical servers and Hyper-V virtual servers.

The benchmark results showed 20.68-percent performance degradation in response time when all servers are virtualized, 13.79-percent degradation when only the AOS and Enterprise Portal servers are virtualized, and 3.44-percent degradation when only the Enterprise Portal server is virtualized. Similar performance degradations in throughput were seen in the virtualized servers.

  • High volume inventory benchmark for retail environments
    Microsoft Corporation conducted a benchmark to simulate an inventory workload with more than 4.96 million transaction lines. The goal of the benchmark was to simulate three types of core inventory transaction and demonstrate that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can effectively handle very high transactional volumes. The inventory transactions simulated the import of point of sale (POS) transactions for a large retail chain into Microsoft Dynamics AX.
    The benchmark results demonstrate that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can successfully process more than 55 million transaction lines aggregated to 3.68 million inventory adjustment journal lines. The benchmark also creates and posts more than 1 million transfer order lines and more than 90 thousand item arrival lines.

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