I found my new cheese

Of course that is referring to Who moved my cheese? , but the reality behind the analogy is still the same.  I no longer am working in Product Support (CSS) as a Senior EE.  I am now working as a PM (Program Manager) within the MOSS Product Group in Redmond (I have moved from Texas to Redmond).  Specifically I am working with a group of people known as the CAT team (Customer Advisory Team).  In this new adventure I am challenged with many things oriented around making the SharePoint offerings better for our customers through various avenues ranging from changes to upcoming products, tools for existing products, or even documentation/whitepapers to fill customer needs.  One of my initial challenges is in the areas of Patching and Upgrade, which some of you know I am rather passionate about.  As much of my work is internal, I won't be able to share as much here as I have in the past with one exception.  When whitepapers or other public documentation are released that I had a hand in, I will be putting notes here with perhaps some additional thoughts around the content.  Beyond that, I look forward to seeing you at various conferences/etc and working with you in the Beta programs.