WSS / SharePoint Portal OM topic requests?

I've got a slew of topics that I've already got brewing in my head for the next two weeks... This comming week I'll be talking about the SharePoint Portal OM via code samples and work into it in a similar fashion to how I introduced the WSS OM already. I then will be introducing customization via site definitions and other related topics. I think after that I may touch on backup/restore... that is a bit out yet though, so my plans may change.

Before I get too far down any specific road, I wanted to throw a post up here and request that if anyone has any specific questions about what I've written so far or would like for me to expand upon any topic to please throw me a note. I also would be willing to entertain any simple code sample requests... I'm not offering to write your entire application for you, but if there is an OM concept you are struggling with then drop a line. If I think it would fit this series, I'll write about it and provide some sample code.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend.