'Edit in Excel' Troubleshooting tips!

Here are some things you should know and look for if you’re experiencing problems with the ‘Edit in Excel’ feature. Some of these may be updated in the future to work differently. Things are constantly changing in the SaaS world!

  • You must be on Office 2016 16.0.6868.2060 or later version of Excel.

  • A partner cannot use their ‘Delegated Admin’ credentials with ‘Edit in Excel’. This may change in a future update as we know it’s a feature partners would like to utilize.

  • ‘Edit in Excel’ will automatically connect to your production environment, even if you launch it from the Sandbox environment. (this may change in a future update)

  • ‘Edit in Excel’ works over port 7048. Speak with your Network admin to make sure you can communicate on this port through your Firewall.

  • ‘Edit in Excel’ will give you an error about not finding the company if your company name contains an ‘&’ symbol. I’m not aware of any other symbols that break the functionality, but it’s certainly possible.

  • ‘Edit in Excel’ is built on the Dynamics 365 Excel add-in. There is a good troubleshooting guide that can be found at the following site and applies to ‘Edit in Excel’

    Troubleshoot the Office integration