Autotext in CALC columns (CU8 feature)

There may be situations where you have reports that require calculated periods or where you need to perform some calculations to get to your final report format. With CU8 of Management Reporter, you can now apply autotext codes such as @CalMonthLong and @FiscalPeriod to print the period name, period description, and other date related autotext codes in calculated column headers.

The following autotext codes are now available within a CALC column.

  • Month name (@CalMonthLong)
  • Abbreviated month name (@CalMonthShort)
  • Period number (@FiscalPeriod)
  • Period description (@FiscalPeriodName)
  • Fiscal year (@FiscalYear)
  • Calendar year (@CalYear)
  • Start date (@StartDate)
  • End date (@EndDate)

This was a highly requested feature on the Connect site with over 55 votes. Thank you for all of those who took the time to vote on this suggestion.

Watch the video below for more information on how to use this feature.