Company Selection for Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart (CU10 Feature)

With Management Reporter CU10, we’ve introduced the ability to have much more control over which companies are available for reporting. The first feature to support this flexibility is the ability to exclude or include specific companies for reporting.

In speaking with customers, we’ve heard three main reasons on why a company would be excluded from reporting

  • Exclude historical companies. Companies may have been used years ago, but are now there for archival purposes only. They are no longer reported on so should be excluded from MR.
  • Exclude test or demo companies. There may be test companies that are used for specific testing within Dynamics GP. These test companies can be excluded unless testing needs to specifically done against financial reporting.
  • Disable new companies for reporting until all setup has been completed. When a new company is created, it may be several days or weeks between company creation and when new transactions start getting entered for that company. New companies can be disabled until they are ready to be enabled for reporting.

Watch the video below to learn more.