How Report, Column, and Row formatting work together

Understanding how formatting within the Rows, Columns, and Report Definitions within Management Reporter interact with each other will help to show report detail with the precision you need.
The main point to understand is the priority of what formatting overrides other formatting. Formatting priority is as follows:

  • Formatting in the Report Definition occurs first
  • Formatting in the Column Definition occurs second
  • Formatting in the Row Definition occurs third

In each of these cases, the formatting that occurs last will override any formatting that occurred earlier.

One common questions is how to handle overrides when rounding has been applied to a report. For this situation, you can enable rounding on the Report Definition, but then need to manually apply a format override onto any rows where you want to override that rounding. A comma is used in the format to divide the resulting value by 1000. Additional formatting help is defined in the "Select Format Override cell" help topic.

Assuming you have a balance of 4,329,229.94 the format override below would round the value to 4.3.



Check out the video to learn more.