How to enter and vote for Management Reporter suggestions

As the Dynamics CPM team interacts with customers, we often hear great ideas for new features in Management Reporter. When that happens, we tell people to be sure to enter a suggestion so we can track it and other customers who feel the same way can vote on it. We use these suggestions when do our planning for Management Reporter updates.

We’ve been getting quite a few questions lately about where and how to enter or vote on these suggestions, so it seemed like a great time for a refresher on using Microsoft Connect.

Signing Up 

In order to enter and view suggestions on Microsoft Connect, you’ll need to have a Microsoft Account. You can find more information about creating a Microsoft Account here.

Once you have your Microsoft Account, go to Microsoft Connect

Click Sign In

Click on Directory


Select Business Software from the Categories on the left


Select Join for Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP


Vote on, Create and Watch Suggestions


Now, that you've joined the Management Reporter program, you can search and vote for suggestions, enter a new suggestion or watch a suggestion.


In the upper right, select Go directly to Product Home Page

Select Microsoft Dynamics 

Select Search existing product suggestion entries

If Management Reporter is the only program you’ve joined, you can simply type in what you are searching for in the suggestions. If you have joined more than one program, you may want to include “Management Reporter” in your search text.

Use the voting button on the left to vote for your favorite suggestion.

Can't find what you are looking for? Use Submit Feedback in the left pane to create a new suggestion.

Want to keep track of a suggestion? Click add to watch list.


The next time you log in to Microsoft Connect, you can select Dashboard and see the status of the suggestions you created, voted for or are watching.

Your input matters! When Management Reporter 2012 was released, support was added for 25 suggestions that were a result of 180+ customer votes. Be sure to get signed up for Microsoft Connect so you can influence the features added to future updates of Management Reporter.