Management Reporter 2012 CU15 Hotfix 3 Now Available

A recommended hotfix rollup is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU15. This hotfix contains two fixes that apply to all ERPs that relate to report generation, and several other performance fixes for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This hotfix requires CU15 to be installed first. There is only an update to the server components. The changes will take effect after the process service restarts during installation. There is no need to reset the data mart integration for these changes to take effect. There are no localized files included in this hotfix, so all locales will use the same hotfix package.


Bug ID Title
3753112  Dimension filter uses an OR condition instead of AND condition when two or more dimensions are specified in link to financial dimensions
3755023  Dimension filter uses an OR condition instead of AND condition when using a dimension value that does not exist
3754945  GP is performing a count query before actual query, doubling the query cost with data mart
3754947  GP Fact integration slow when posting large Analytical Accounting batches with data mart
3754948  GP data validation not working with GP 2016
3757515  GP integration fails with GP 2016 Dexterity shared components
3757516  GP Yes/No dimensions for Analytical Accounting not integrating correctly with data mart


The hotfix has been posted to CustomerSource. Hotfix 3 (Hotfix 3757498) is version 2.12.15000.56.