Management Reporter - Quick tips on linking to Microsoft Excel workbooks

We’ve seen quite a bit of discussion lately around linking to Microsoft Excel files in Management Reporter. This is a great way to get additional data into your reports that’s outside of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s general ledger.

A couple of quick tips to successfully pull in data from Microsoft Excel workbooks into Management Reporter reports:

1. Make sure the Management Reporter process service user has access to the folder where the workbook is stored. (This is noted in the installation guide as well.) This doesn’t mean that the file has to be on the Management Reporter server, just that the process service user has to be able to get to it.



 2. If you are using a single workbook with multiple worksheets, make sure you enter the path in the Workbook Path column and the worksheet (tab) name in the Worksheet Name column. 






To refresh your memory on how to set everything up, take a look at this post on creating consolidations using non-Dynamics data.