Reporting on a blank dimension

In dimension based ERPs transactions are often posted without a dimension, or a 'blank' dimension. It's important to be able to report on transactions without a specific dimension to account for all balances in the system. To report accurately on blank dimensions you can type '[]' (one open and one closed bracket) to represent a blank dimension. You can do it on the same row as the range of dimension values that are specified, or a separate row.

The report below shows that you will get the same results if you put a range and a blank row and add them together as a single line. Both account for all transactions in the Cash account, which you can verify by adding the account with no further dimension restrictions. The screen shot also shows that a wildcard will not pick up blank segments, so they do need to be explicitly defined.

The row definition shows the different design options, including the blank on a single line, or on two separate line.