Thoughts on the AX Technical Conference and A Preview of SSRS Report Development in Dynamics AX 2012

My team had a great time preparing for and presenting at the AX Technical Conference 2011. Direct interaction with our Partners and Customers is something we truly enjoy.

A couple of things stood out for us based on observation and direct feedback:

  • Great positive energy from the attendees. Our direction resonated with a lot of people.
  • It was clear to everyone now that we are serious about the move to SSRS – As of today there are only 2 MorphX reports left in the product. And that number will go to zero by RTM.
  • We dispelled the notion that complex SSRS cannot handle complex report layout needs. We spent an extensive walkthrough of the very complex SalesInvoice report implemented in SSRS.
  • Naturally we had questions about the removal of MorphX reporting framework and whether it is still supported in AX2012. The quick summary is that the MorphX reporting framework is still in AX2012. However, it hasn’t been significantly improved since AX 2009. We decided to keep it in the product to only make it easier for customers and to migrate custom MorphX reports to SSRS. Please make no mistake – SSRS is THE reporting platform for AX 2012 and it will be far easier to develop SSRS reports in AX2012 than continuing to use MorhpX reporting. 

As a final note, the team encourages you to watch this quick video of SSRS report development in AX 2012 (see below). It will give you an idea of some of the amazing work that has gone into this release.