Understanding How Many SSRS Reports come with Dynamics AX 2012

This is a common and simple question we get often, so let’s take the opportunity to answer it clearly now. First, a warning : keep in mind that all the numbers below are approximate – but overall the are accurate enough to have a meaningful discussion.

Let’s start with a quick recap of the portfolio of reports in Dynamics AX 2009 included:

  • 1210 MorphX Reports – these are production reports
  • 35 SSRS Reports – these are also production reports
  • 150 SSRS Reports Used via the Enterprise Portal - many of these are simple charts in the Role Centers and

Dynamics AX 2012 as of March 3, 2011 has total 850 SSRS Reports. Most of these (700 or so) are Production Reports. The remainder are the simple charts used in the Enterprise Portal. There are about 6 MorphX reports left as of today, but by RTM the number will be zero.

Again the 850 number is approximate but relatively close to the final count.

Why are there fewer total production reports in AX 2012 than in AX 2009?

Simple answer: A lot of the MorphX reports we shipped in previous AX release were NEVER BEING USED so we decided not to keep them going forward to AX 2012.

Watch our latest YouTube video that discusses the data we collected for some greater insight into what we found out about MorphX report usage.


A second factor is that some MorphX reports were merged. We took advantage of the interactive features of SSRS to replace two or more MorphX reports with a single SSRS report.

A third thing to keep in mind is that some reports were simply not needed even if they were used. For example, if a List Page was available and an equivalent MorphX report existed with the same data we often simple removed the report, preferring that the users should simply print the List Page.