Individual patching for Dynamics AX2009 SP1 industry solutions

This blog post is targeted to provide an update on the change in the release format of industry solutions in AX2009 SP1, from full layer release to individual patching. 

All hotfix requests for Project Time Management (PTM), Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Process Industries 3.1(PI) for Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 SP1 are available as individual packages with unique KB article numbers, post Roll-Up 7 of the respective industry solutions.

The PI, PTM, PSA patching experience, willbe the same as that of Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 SYP hotfix. Installer will automatically detect the industry solution available on the customers’ environment. The relevant industry
solution hotfix package will then be applied to the layer in which the solution is supported. (BUP layer for PSA/PI and SL1 layer for PTM). The patches installed on an environment can be tracked through the SysHotfixManifest class, whose methods will be the applied KB article number.


Pre-requisites for individual patching of the respective industry solutions