Automatic Document Library creation with CRM 2011 Online and SharePoint 2010

Here are some notes to describe setting up automatic document library creation with CRM 2011 Online and SharePoint 2010 on premise.  This allows you to automatically create document libraries associated with CRM entities such as Account, Contact, Opportunity etc.

Some good basic notes to do this are located here -


The setup issues I ran accross were the following:

- Do the steps in order - run the cmdlet first, install the wsp file then setup in CRM

- Run the powershell window as administrator

- in Powershell I needed to use the following command to get it to work     .\AllowHtcExtn.ps1 http://mysharepointservername

- lastly if you dont have a SSL cert on your SharePoint server you will get an error but this should not be an issue, rather just a message that lets you know

- In the CRM setup, you will want to go to "settings" then "document management" then choose "document management settings" and choose your preferences and enter server name.  Again mine was just like this http://sharepointservername


Once this is setup, you will see the following when you go to Account then choose document management



When you choose yes you will then see:

Once this is setup and working it sure makes for some very nice integration with SharePoint and very little administrative overhead to build these library locations.

I hope you find this helpful!