Updated Server to Server Authentication Documentation

NOTE: The information presented below is NOT in the SDK currently available for download or online. This update was posted on the Microsoft CRM Development Forum on April 7th.

The following updated information applies to version 4.0.8 of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. 

Sample Code


Sample: SDK\Walkthroughs\Authentication


With respect to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online server to server authentication code sample located in the SDK download at:

· SDK\Walkthroughs\Authentication\CS\ServerToServer\PartnerAuthentication.cs

· SDK\Walkthroughs\Authentication\VB\ServerToServer\PartnerAuthentication.vb


There is a required change in the sample source code in order for the sample to run correctly. Change the 3rd parameter in the RetrieveCertificate method call at line 184 (C#) or line 164 (VB) as follows:

from: WindowsLiveIdTicketAcquirer.Environment.INT

to: WindowsLiveIdTicketAcquirer.Environment.PROD


Also, make sure that you have installed the latest operating system service packs on the computer where the sample is executed.




Topic : Server-to-Server Authentication


In the 4.0.8 SDK release documentation, the list of supported SSL certificates is shown as follows:


Supported Certificates

Verisign Secure Site

Verisign Secure Site Pro w/EV

Verisign Secure Site Pro

Network Solutions SSL

Verisign Secure Site w/EV

Entrust (standard)


As of March 31, 2009 the following certificates from Certificate Authorities (CAs) are supported:

· Network Solution -> Solutions for Online Security -> SSL Certificates -> Basic

· Entrust -> SSL Certificates -> Standard SSL


For information on what operating systems are supported by the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant, refer to the following download page.




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