Answers to frequently asked questions about International installations of Microsoft Dynamics GP

We have been asked several questions around what languages does Dynamics GP support as well as many others like:

  1. What is the between a localized release and a translated release of Microsoft Dynamics GP?
  2. What translated releases are available?
  3. What does “translated” mean within Microsoft Dynamics GP releases?
  4. Are there any differences between the Microsoft Dynamics GP installations for different countries
  5. Is it possible to have a multilingual installation?
  6. Which service packs do I install for multilingual installations?
  7. In a multilingual installation, which database do I use to update the databases?
  8. How does a multilingual installation affect my audit trail codes?
  9. In a multilingual installation, which client installation do I use to create a new company?
  10. In a multilingual installation, if a company database was created using the Spanish-Latin American installation, can a different installation access that database?
  11. Must I register with Microsoft to obtain translated releases?  

All these questions can be answered here: Link