Have you heard of Social Security Randomization and how does this affect Microsoft Dynamics GP?

It is fairly new way of how Social Security Administration (SSA) will distribute Social Security Numbers (SSN’s).  Unfortunately, this may take more upkeep on our end of the coding efforts around valid SSN’s.
In Microsoft Dynamics GP, our validation occurs in the system at time of entry of an employee SSN in the employee maintenance window.  It also happens at payroll year-end when you print the validation report in the edit W-2 window.

If you enter a SSN that does not pass our checks, you will receive a soft warning that you can continue through:
The Social Security number you entered is invalid.  Do you want to continue?

Microsoft will review our areas affected in the 2011 U.S. Payroll year-end update to alleviate some of these incorrect warnings you may receive due to the new randomization process.

Direct Link for more information on Social Security Randomization, click HERE