Helpful Hints for Logos in Word Templates for Dynamics GP 2010

My experience with Word Templates and logos has brought me to the conclusion that the process to add good quality Logos is not Black and White. I have worked with many logs over the past months and would like to offer some tips that I have found useful.

First, is the image appears grainy or fuzzy when printed to Word, but appears fine on screen? This is typically related to the DPI of the image. I recommend that the image be created with a DPI of at least 300. Most printers are capable of 600 DPI or greater, so this is not typically an issue. You can easily see the DPI of an image by selecting the properties of the image in Paint.

I often receive comments that the image is too large and cut off, or the Template will not process after adding the image through the Image Assignment Tool. The quick way to check your image is to launch Paint and bring in your image. Does the image take up a large portion of the window? If so, that is likely the issue with your Template. What I have found with an image that is about 2 1/2 inches long by 1 inch high in paint produces a good quality logo. For example, if your image appears to be about 6 inches in length, use Resize and reduce it to 25% of the original Image. Below is a screenshot of a large logo in Paint.

 Large Logo viewed in Paint


I then use resize and reduce the image to 25% of the original to start with. If it is too small, undo and move to 30%, and so on.

Image showing Re-size options


Below you can see that the image is approximately 2 inches by 1 inch after resizing. This image at 300 DPI should produce a good quality logo when printing the Word Template documents.

Resized Image at 25 percent of original