Have Questions?

Do you have any questions about BizTalk Server that you have been itching to ask but haven't? Post them here or send them to me v/o this blog and I will try to chase down an answer. 

Here are a few disclaimers/rules/humorous asides:

  • No existential questions. I can barely figure out the traffic signal timing along Avondale Road let alone the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
  • I am not an official support channel. I am unofficial -- casual support? Something like that. Contact customer support if you need official support.
  • Play Lumines II while waiting for me to respond. Now that I am out of the prime demographic for video games (and everything hip), I am likely late to the block-spinning, light-flashing, video-playing party. Better late than never. If you have a PSP, Lumines II is one of the few compelling games out there.
  • No questions about Lumines II. I stink. I think I got to a level with a Hoobastank video, but I don't know.
  • Questions about the documentation and other content are most welcome. Why do we have so many/so few how-to's? Where are the samples about ____? Etc.

Ask away.