Applying HotFixes in Office SharePoint Server 2007

The general gist behind applying HotFixes is to only apply those HotFixes that apply to the specific challenge or problem you are having with the product in your environment.  General guidance is NOT to apply all HotFixes in anticipation that your installation will eventually experience the problems documented and addressed by the HotFix. 


As such, it is important to follow the directions when applying the HotFixes .  Some colleagues of mine reminded me of some additional steps to check when applying a HotFixes to a server that is presented in a message box post installation.  If you forget these steps, you may wind up with an server farm version number issue (among other problems) as depicted below:



Notice how some servers have the 6008 version while others only have the 4518 (RTM) version number?  The step to address this is to run the configuration wizard on each box that is patched.