How to Rebuild Your Windows Media Player 11 Library

I recently ran into a problem when
running my Windows Media Player 11 against my big library of music and video
files. One problem was that the library became corrupt to the point that
WMP11 no longer showed anything in my library. However, when I tried to
re-add files to the library, it would find all the media files, but refuse to
add them, as if they were already there. The problem was that both these
conditions were true. Part of WMP11 realized that there was a media
database, and there was part that thought that there were no files. So when it
would try to add them, it ignored them :). 

This URL

details how to rebuild the media
library. Essentially, you have to rename your old media library, which is
a file in the "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media
Player\ directory and has the file name beginning with CurrentDatabase_.
Rename this file and then add music and media to the library again.