Taxonomy/Tagging Starter Kit for SharePoint Server

Hi, I’m Adri Verlaan, a developer on the ECM team. I would like to introduce you to a starter kit that I’ve developed for SharePoint Server 2007 that helps with the implementation of a taxonomy/tagging system. The kit contains a lightweight working prototype, which you can extend to create a solution that will meet your needs.

Currently, the kit allows authors to attach tags to content and readers to specify tags in which they are interested. Using this information for a specified content source, a customized Content Query Web Part shows only the items that match a reader’s respective tags.

Here's a screenshot of the customized CQWP that shows a single "Interesting Page" link compared with a default CQWP that shows the same link plus an "Not Interesting Page" link.

Here's a screenshot of the Property panel for an item (in this case, it's the "Interesting Page" page) that has been extended with a couple of taxonomy columns ("Vehical Type" and "Drive Train") for which content authors can select specific keywords.

Here's a screenshot of the preferred taxonomy categories/keywords that a SharePoint user can select as part of his/her profile.

For more information and the downloadable file for Taxonomy/Tagging Starter Kit for SharePoint Server, go to