Forefront UAG tracing is available

Forefront UAG tracing is available

UAG 2010 introduced a new trace mechanism that is based on Event Tracing for Windows (ETW); a high-performance, low overhead, scalable tracing mechanism that is provided by the Windows operating system. UAG tracing provides detailed failure and debugging information in a binary format. This binary information can be converted into a readable text format using UAG trace symbols. UAG tracing symbols are now available on Download Center ( Forefront UAG tracing can be run on the both UAG server, and on client endpoint devices connecting to Forefront UAG resources.

The following items are available on the Download Center page:

·    A set of .tmf files in a ZIP archive – cumulative .tmf files. This archive will be updated with every UAG release.

·    A EULA license – this license is also included in the tmf ZIP archive

·    A document with instructions for configuring and running tracing

Versions of .tmf files provided by this download are as follows:

·    Forefront UAG RTM ((v4.0.1101.000)

·    Forefront UAG Update 1 (v4.0.1152.100)


Ran Dolev

Yossi Yossifon