New, comprehensive technical documentation available for Web, Load, and Unit Tests

The VSTS Ranger team, led by Geoff Gray, just published the VSTT Quick Reference Guide 1.0.

This is a comprehensive collection of technical information on VSTT –- 83 pages of information!!! Many questions you may have on how stuff works in web, load, and unit test are answered in this doc. This doc is a must have for anyone working in VSTT.

Geoff and his team, the Microsoft Services Test Labs, deliver professional services for doing performance testing. They are experts at the tools, and work closely with my team (the product team) both to troubleshoot issues as they come up and to help steer the product in the right direction. Whenever Geoff saw an answer in email, figured it out himself, or saw it on a blog post, he put it in the document. He has been building it up over the past few years. I highly recommend you refer to it any time you are looking for more information or are stuck trying to get something to work in the product.

Here’s an extract from the document:


Congrats Geoff on getting this published! And thanks to others who helped along the way, and to Bijan Javidi for your support in sponsoring this project to get it published.