New tool for SQL Load Testing

Check out the new SQL Load Test project on CodePlex!

Rob Jarratt, the VSTS ranger who wrote the WCF script generator for load testing WCF apps has done it again, this time for SQL! Once again he teamed up with the Services Test Lab to deliver this tool, this time working mainly with Geoff Gray on several client gigs to vet the tool.

If you are doing SQL load testing, where you want to test the database tier directly, this tool will be useful for you. The most common case for this is if you want to load test a "traditional" 2-tier app, where the client talks directly to the database. But certainly there are more scenarios where this tool will be useful.

This tool will take in a SQL trace and generate the ADO.NET code to replay the trace, which you can then plug into a load test.

Thanks Rob Jarratt and Geoff Gray for your efforts on this, and to Bijan Javidi for leading the project.