VSTS wins Testers Choice in for .NET Apps in Software Test and Performance Magazine

The annual testers choice awards are out in STP magazine, and VSTS took top spot in two categories in this years tester's choice poll, winning out over load runner for ".NET Performance Testing" and for "Integrated Test/Performance Suite".

Congrats to the team who worked so hard on VS 2008 product, it's great to see our customers like the tool.

I'm dissapointed with the product write up in the magazine, it doesn't mention our load testing solution at all. Edward Correia, we need to talk! :) For a good overview of our performance testing solution, see Amit Chatterjee's recent blog post.

VS 2008 is a fine release, but there is still plenty of work to do! I expect our product line will continue to rise up in other categories as well with our next release. We have a fantastic set of new products for general testing on the runway, plus a ton of new performance testing features in Visual Studio Team Test. It's good to see TFS get the second place vote for defect tracking, I'm sure that as we expand our product line to appeal to all testers we will become the top choice in this and the test management category as well.