Book Review: Microsoft SharePoint Building Office 2007 Solutions in C# 2005

This is the C# version of Scot Hillier's new book. I was really anticipating this book as Scot's last two on SharePoint 2003 were great. Especially the Advanced one. In fact, it was his books that made me consider writing my own. As expected, Scot delivers on the 2007 version providing a great introduction and tour on MOSS 2007. My favorite part of this book is the first chapter where Scot discusses how organizations can benefit from deploying SharePoint and the types of users that typically interact with such a solution. Developers will appreciate the many pages dedicated to a walk through of how to setup a virtual development environment. The workflow exercise is particularly notable. Since this book's scope is all of MOSS 2007, readers should expect a sweeping overview with moments of depth (usually in the exercises). This book does a great job of balancing, but it does show how hard it is to write a single book that tries to cover all of MOSS 2007. For example, all of the Shared Services such as Excel Services, BDC, Search, and User Profiles are covered in a single chapter. I recommend this book for those slanted towards development (there are not too many infrastructure focused chapters). And towards readers who are new to SharePoint all together or are transitioning from 2003 to 2007.

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