My Photo Op: Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, & Kevin Turner

For fiscal year 2007, I received the Circle of Excellence award at Microsoft. This is a prestigious award given out for people who excel in their role. So world-wide just over 250 people received this award and the chairman's award winners were selected from this group. I didn't win the rolex (for the chairman award), but was honored to be a part of this elite group. In addition to a nice room at the Ritz-Carlton, the award winners were treated with a dinner with company executives. I had a great discussion with Jeff Raikes who leads all things Office/Information Worker related. I also had some cool photo oppotunities that I wanted to share. I made it through the crowd to snap a picture with Bill Gates. And I had a formal pic taken with Steve Ballmer, Kevin Turner, and the Microsoft North America leadership team. Yes I had to wear a tie and a sports jacket. Good thing I had just cleaned out the closet.

Bill Gates and Ed Hild

Ed Hild and MS Leaders