TechEd 2007: Day 2 & 3

So I admit to being out a bit too late after Day 2 to have written a post. So you get two days in 1. Yesterday I mainly focused on getting ready for my first session (SharePoint and Workflow). I got bumped out of the first session I wanted to see on OCS 2007 architecture so I went to a session on how Microsoft IT uses Windows Server 2008 to manage Indentity and Active Directory. It was a bit over my head, but my interest was certainly peaked on the Read Only Domain Controllers concept. I plan to dig into it a bit more and see if it changes possible extranet designs for MOSS. I then went to a Planning and Deploying OCS 2007 session that was well delivered.

Wed for me was another day where I got to enjoy sessions. I did a little prep with Bob German for our session tomorrow (400 level Templates and Features). Highlights of the day included a 400 level session on Building Advanced Web Parts. My favorite part of that session was Async processing. I'll add a post about that topic when I get back. I saw a OCS development in custom apps presentation that just fell apart. No demos worked, etc. And then I attended anatomy of an office business application. The OBA team was handing out my book and I ended up with a line of people for autographs. Way cool. Makes you feel like a rock star and sort of embarassed at the same time.

I got two sessions tomorrow so I doubt I will get to see many sessions.