Update on the SharePoint book: Almost there

So lots of progress to report on. First: All of the first drafts are in... In fact, since we have been doing second drafts as we go along, all but 2 of the second drafts are in and we expect those to finish this week/early next. We have also started to go through Copy Edits. These revisions are what I like to call the grammar police. They are doing a great job of making me look like I write better than I do. It hasn't been that bad at all (patting self on the back). We wrote the back cover this week and submitted our lovely mugs for photos on the back. Yes I am vain enough to add a photo of my ugly mug. Who knows if I will put myself through another book so this one will have my pic on it. At this point we are about 1/3 of the way through the copy edits (pacing about 2 a week). I expect we will be getting publication copies soon which is where they finalize the layout before it goes to the printer. So put those pre-order in... there is actually going to be a book :).