Deploying and Managing Office 365 ProPlus

It’s a very exciting time to be an Office 365 Education customer. Student Advantage availability is just around the corner, and we’ve put a few posts up discussing how to get it, but it’s also important to consider how you’ll be deploying and managing Office 365 ProPlus.

Deploying and Managing Office 365 ProPlus

My colleague across the water, Mark Garcia, recently put a post up covering the various options for deploying Office 365 ProPlus, but I found this deck which I thought I would also share for you to view and download (there are videos in the deck).

Office deployment and management l300 from James Marshall

Getting Student Advantage

Remember, Student Advantage is just the name of the benefit – the actual technology, the bit that will make sense to anyone outside of education, is Office 365 ProPlus. If you’re searching online, on TechNet, or MSDN, you might find that Office 365 ProPlus gets you to the answers you need.

We have a few posts that cover:

  1. How to get Student Advantage if you’re an existing Office 365 Education customer.
  2. How to get Student Advantage if you’re not an existing Office 365 Education customer.
  3. How your students can access the software once you’ve assigned the licences.

And don’t forget, TechNet has a great page on choosing the best deployment method to use; so check that out too!

What are you doing?

Everyone I speak to is excited about being able to offer their students Office 365 ProPlus at no additional cost1 and we’d like to hear about your plans and successes in the comments. Will this be a little pre-Christmas surprise for your students, or will you roll it out near exam season so your students have the latest tools to revise and study at home, or something else altogether?

Let us know, we’d love to share your story!

1 Institutions must cover 100% of their faculty/staff for Office on their volume licensing agreement to qualify for the Student Advantage benefit. For more information, please speak to your licensing reseller.