How do YOU pronounce FOPE? An Introduction

Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) is the default messaging security solution for Exchange Online (Office 365) and Outlook Live (Live@edu)!

The transition to FOPE for existing Outlook Live domains is nearly complete, and all new tenants are provisioning with FOPE from from the start. Both services can now benefit from FOPE’s enterprise-class reliability, multi-engine spam/virus scanning and customizable filtering options.

Here’s an excerpt from the FOPE Service Description 

Forefront Online Protection for Exchange offers five services that apply a unique blend of preventive and protective measures to help stop increasingly complex email–borne threats from infiltrating your organization, enforce your organization’s email policies, and maintain a reliable messaging environment:

  • Antivirus Service: Helps protect your organization from receiving email-borne viruses and other malicious code by using multiple antivirus engines and heuristic detection to minimize the window of vulnerability during emerging threats.
  • Anti-spam Service: Helps ensure that unsolicited email is automatically filtered before it enters your organization’s messaging systems.
  • Policy Enforcement Service: Provides the ability to custom create highly flexible policy rules to regulate email flow for compliance purposes.
  • Directory–Based Edge Blocking Service: Provides the ability to specify all valid users on a domain or to configure different filtering settings for groups of users within a domain.
  • Automatic Spooling: Helps ensure that no email is lost by instantly and automatically queuing messages for later delivery if the receiving email server is unavailable.

Figure 2: Integrated email security and filtering solution provided by Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

These services easily interoperate with one another as a package and require little to no changes to be effective. Without any configuration, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange blocks more than 98 percent of unwanted email and 100 percent of known viruses… Forefront Online Protection for Exchange has found that its ratio of false positive messages is smaller than approximately 1 in 250,000 (0.0004 percent).

So, how do you pronounce FOPE?

Listen for the answer on TechNet Edge – FOPE. Look for the answer at TechNet Library – Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, FOPE 11.1 Administration Center User Guide or Spam Filtering and Message Hygiene.

Better yet…sign in to your FOPE Administration Center today and decide for yourself!

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