Office 365 Video coming to Office 365 Education

This is an awesome addition to Office 365 tenants and Office 365 Education customers and is in the process of rolling out to tenants very shortly  It is the first of our NextGen portal offerings in SharePoint Online which are coming.



What is Office 365 Video?

Office 365 Video is a NextGen portal which will be available in Office 365 tenants in the near future. It has begun its rollout to First Release tenants in December.


Streaming a video

Read more about it here.

Watch this excellent video on how Office 365 Video works here or click image below:



Where does this fit in education?

I was reading that the one of the top technology needs that over 65% of higher ed students wished they had access to recorded lectures via the ECAR 2014 student research data


In K12, there are a lot of cycles on focusing on Flipping the Classroom, Proctor based learning, Khan Academy style of learning. I have also read that students retain a significant percentage more when they watch a recorded lecture vs. a live lecture since they can pause, rewind, etc.  Office 365 Video can be a great accelerator or landing portal to help with these K12 initiatives.

Several customers have commented that this is a something they have been spending a lot of time and resources on and still do not have a great solution.  Office 365 Video can help provide this great student need in education. 


What are some needs that are met by Office 365 Video for education customers?

1) Secure - Closed video streaming site to just education institution (no external sharing). Videos are encrypted at rest and in transit.

2) Protected - Permissions and security – only users and students with permissions can view lectures/videos –  so it video content can be controlled by user.  eDiscovery can scan video content with E3


3) Mobile - Rich mobile consumption for multi-device use – mobile, tablet, cross browser


4) Social - Rich Yammer and Office Graph integration – for enterprise social – students can comment and discuss videos with the Yammer sidebar


5) Recording Tools – Complimentary Lecture capture tools in Office Mix and Lync lecture capture

Both Office Mix and Lync client meeting recordings can be stored in Office 365 Video providing two no cost lecture capture solutions to help feed video/audio/desktop sharing/presentation lecture content into Office 365 Video.


Office Mix


Lync meeting capture recording

6) Scale and Reach – Office 365 Video is powered by Azure Media Services which scaled to millions of users for the Olympics live and recorded content. Additionally, videos can be found using SharePoint Search and also proactively presented to users using Delve and Office Graph.


What does the Office 365 Video architecture look like?

The architecture is a combination of SharePoint Online portal for the front end and Azure Media Services for the transcoding and streaming.


What video formats can be uploaded to Office 365 Video for H.264 streaming?

The following formats are supported:  .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .dv, .3gp, .3g2, .3gp2, .asf, .mts, .m2ts, .mod, .ts, .vob, .xesc, .m2v, .ismv

Which Office 365 plans are required to get Office 365 Video?

Office 365 Video is included in the Office 365 E1, E3 and E4 subscription plans. Any user that has not been assigned one of the above licenses will not have use rights to Office 365 Video.

Do customers have to incur additional costs for Azure Media Services consumption?

The integrated Azure Media Services usage does not incur additional cost to customer; videos stored in Office 365 will count against SharePoint Online team sites pooled storage.

What Office 365 workloads must I have deployed for Office 365 Video to work?

Office 365 Video requires SharePoint Online. Once Office 365 Video has been rolled out to a qualified customer (as specified in the previous FAQ), Office 365 Video will be enabled for all users that have one of the eligible plans and have a SharePoint Online license assigned.

Where can I find training on Office 365 Video?

There is some excellent training on managing Office 365 Video and the Channels here.