Partner Webcast: Planning Your Upgrade

Do you want to get ahead of the game and plan your upgrade to Office 365, but you’re not sure how?

Oxford Computer Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner, are offering a free webinar that covers how to plan your upgrade from Live@edu to Office 365 for education. In their own words:

Like any IT project, the success - and in particular the 'time to value' - is influenced by appropriate consideration and planning. So in this 30 minute webinar OCG will be discussing the various approaches you can take to upgrading and the benefits of each, offering practical advice on how to prepare for your organisation’s upgrade.

The webinar will cover:

  • An brief overview of what Office 365 provides
  • Approaches to upgrading, such as when to use OLSync, DirSync or feature-rich solutions like FIM 2010
  • Managing Users, Entitlements and Software Licencing
  • Key steps in preparing your platform
  • AD FS for Single Sign-On
  • A case study based on the World's first global upgrade for 40,000 users

This is a really useful webinar for any organisation who is upgrading from Live@edu to Office 365 for education as well as for those migrating from traditional on-premise platforms such as Microsoft Exchange.

Check the date and register now.

And don’t forget the upgrade wiki is always a useful tool for finding out information, too!