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If you’re a Live@edu customer and you’re still using to access your email then this blog post is for you!

Microsoft has started inviting institutions using Live@edu to upgrade to Office 365 for education. Academic institutions using for email access should update their institution's sign-in URL for email as soon as possible. Making this update now will help ensure a smooth user experience during and after the upgrade.

How do I update the email sign-in URL?
There are two ways to make sure the email URL doesn’t need to change after the upgrade:

  • Create a CNAME record in DNS; for example, mail.[DOMAIN].edu


Get instructions for both methods in the article, Configure Sign-In URLs for Outlook Web App. You’ll also want to change any email links from your institution’s web page to use one of these URLs.

Why should I update the sign-in URL?
Your users will have to use the new URL to access email once your institution is upgraded to Office 365 for education. By updating your URL for email access now, you can set up for a smooth upgrade later.

What are the benefits of updating the email sign-in URL?

  • You can preserve an optimized user experience during the Live@edu upgrade to Office 365 for education.
  • Your school owns the URL you create by using a CNAME record URL (http://mail.[DOMAIN].edu). You can promote student and faculty identification with your edu domain.

Take time to check out planning details for the upgrade in the Upgrade Center for Live@edu to Office 365 for education. For other questions, see the Live@edu upgrade wiki or contact Live@edu support

Upgrade to Office 365 for education

Are you interested in upgrading to Office 365? Contact Live@edu support and let us know.