XNA Update - Gamecity Nottingham

Microsoft ran an event at Gamecity in Nottingham last week. As part of the event we hosted the guys from the newly established XNA UK User Group presented to the assembled academics. The group is fairly new but already they have built up a strong community with lots of user generated content available for free on the website. I would really recommend signing up to the group if you are interested in XNA as it is an excellent place to showcase your projects and get guidance on any issues you may be having from games industry veterans not mention a great opportunity to socialise with like minded individuals. The website is xna-uk.net.


Another cool thing that came to light at Gamecity was the blog of Kris Athi. Kris is currently making an XNA game for his dissertation and will blog about his progress at klog.co.uk. For those of you thinking about using XNA for a university project this should prove an excellent resource.

The above photo is of a neon sign which was commissioned by Microsoft for the event, fingers crossed this will be hanging in pride of place on our office wall shortly :)

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