Spatial Types in the Entity Designer

One of the highly-anticipated features coming in the next version of Entity Framework is Spatial support. We’d like to give you a look at the experience of developing with Spatial types in the Entity Designer. If you haven’t already, take a look at what is going on under the hood with Spatial types in the Entity Framework in the blog post here

We’d like to show you what is coming your way for Spatial types in the Entity Designer and of course, let us know what you think and give us feedback on the experience!


The goals for supporting Spatial types in the Entity Designer align with Entity Framework design goals for Spatial as well:

  • First class support for Spatial types in the Entity Designer
  • Model-first and Database-first support through the Entity Designer

Spatial Types

  • Geometry
  • Geography


Since the Entity Framework adds Spatial types as primitive EDM types, we treat them exactly as you are used to using primitive types in the Entity Designer.

  1. Add Property to Entity Type
  2. Set Data Type as Geography through the Property Window






Spatial types cannot be used as entity keys, in associations, or as discriminators. We give design-time validation errors if you attempt to use one of those invalid patterns.


  1. Attempt to set property of type Geometry as entity key
  2. Validation error in Error List




As always, please let us know what is most valuable to you in the Entity Designer for using Spatial data types. Feedback is always appreciated!



Thank you,

Sarah McDevitt

Program Manager