, Silverlight and PopFly are top notch!

Google seems to continue to have the a clear advantage in advertising over Microsoft and the initiative.  However have you ever used to search for images?  Our image search functionality makes Google image search just look silly.  The scratch ability and smart views are amazing features and very useful for people like me always looking for images to reuse.

Go and view the video for Popfly and creating mashups, this one of the most amazing technologies I have seen to date for creating mashups.  Sorry Yahoo, I like your stuff but Popfly is just over the top simple, powerful and useful right away.  Don't get me wrong I am not just drinkning the kool aid, but you have to credit where it is due.  Now if we (Microsoft) can turn all of this great technology into market share it would be great.  Oh yes, I almost forgot I am very bullish on Silverlight as well.  The interactive nature combined with XAML I think will be game changing, as more tools start to use XAML, I think the future of actionscript may be in question.

 As always your thoughts and comments are welcome, but before you start a flame war take a few minutes and go try image search and play with a few features.

View the intro video to Popfly here (